Action Squad Studios

Action Squad is a story-driven indie game studio based in Finland, developing PC and console games.

People behind the action

CEO & Founder
Sami Timonen

“I’m the God damn Ceo”  

Game Director & Lead Programmer
Heikki-Pekka Noronen

A deeply feared God of Code: code, comradeship and bad puns are the three main elements this divine being is associated with. He is said to be usually worshipped through feature sacrifices.  

Senior Programmer
Lauri Härsilä

“Some kind of a nocturnal caffeine-vampiric owl-beast that lives on the Internet.”

Lead Writer
Joel Sammallahti

“A game mechanics nerd and a semi-competent narrative designer.”

Art Lead & Tech Artist
Jukka-Pekka Lyytinen

“I am awesome.”

Lead Level Designer & Concept Artist
Antti Kemppainen

“A sentient being who has a soft skin surface stretched across a skeletal structure.”

3D Artist
Sakari Leppä

“So many things in life can be replaced with coffee.”

Character Artist
Lance Baker

“Cats are cool and cappuccino is delicious.”

Iron danger

Iron Danger is a tactical time Manipulation game that takes you into nordic folklores mixed with steampunk and gives you full control over time itself. A never before seen time bending mechanic turns every combat into an intriguing sort of puzzle.