VFX artist

We are looking for an experienced and mightily skilled VFX artist to join our team for a six to eight month period to drop some jaws on the floor with high quality VFX.


The work can be done either remotely or in our Helsinki office.


What are we looking for:

  • You have experience in developing VFX for games. Either as part of the development team or for example by creating VFX asset packs used by game developers.
    • If you have done these for CRPG, it’s even better.
  • You have creativity and a strong visual eye on getting the VFX look right.
  • You have experience in creating VFX with Unity game engine
    • Preferably HDRP
    • Particle effects (either shuriken or vfx graph) are playing a big part, but skills on shaders, volumes, lighting and so on are also valuable.
  • You are a proactive person who is passionate about their stuff
  • You’re not an asshole


What would you do with us?

Even though you’d work as a contractor for a set period of time, you’d be joining the team as a full team member and have your say in all the development matters. Your focus would initially be on things such as skill VFXs and different kinds of environmental VFX, but could also later cover something like in-game indicator effects and so on.


We are working with Unity and HDRP, so you’d likely be working lots with tools like VFX graph and Shuriken.


Who are we?

Action Squad Studios is a game development company based in Espoo, Finland. We do have an office in Helsinki, but most of us are working remotely from our homes. Many of us have quite a long experience in making games already, but it’s also spiced up with a couple more fresh developers bringing their own spice to the soup.

As many of us are already old farts, we appreciate work-life balance and understand there is lots more in life than just work. At the same time we are extremely passionate about what we are doing. To keep balance on that, we give lots of freedom and responsibility for our team members as individuals. 


We believe that whatever you do for a living is something you should enjoy and you should start your day with a smile on your face for most of the time.

And most important, we want to make really great games. Not just good, but great.


How to apply:

Please send your application to office@actionsquadstudios.com with subject “Application: VFX artist”

Include at least following:

  • CV and cover letter
  • Portfolio and/or showreel (this is extremely important)
    • Or any other samples of your work you want to share
  • Name your monthly price (we prefer to get 100% of you, so calculate based on that)
  • Also include information about when you could start


If you have not included the required information, the application will be rejected.