Open Positions

Ready to get into action? We have the following positions open:

VFX Artist (Helsinki or Remote)




VFX Artist

We are looking for a wickedly cunning VFX artist to join us in development of the yet to be unveiled game. 


Our ideal candidate would..


Have some skills..

  • Have experience in making VFXs for at least one published commercial title
  • Have experience in developing games for either PC or consoles
  • Have experience in developing VFX with Unity (and especially 3d VFX)
  • Have skills of writing shaders to be used in VFXs
  • Have required modeling and texturing skills for building impressive VFX
  • Be able to handle all the steps of VFX creation from idea to final implementation.
  • Be capable of making VFXs that would make our jaws drop from happiness.
  • Have a secret ingredient!


Have some other stuff, such as..

  • Have good communication skills (English)
  • Be able to use google translate when some of our Finnish speaking team members forget that we should be having conversation in English.
  • Be capable on working remotely (includes practical things like having possibility to do that, but also capable of working without someone watching your shoulder to see if you are really working or not)
  • Not be an asshole. 
  • Be living in Finland (just to ease some paperwork)
  • Have salary request somewhere between 3000-4000€ / month
  • Have a secret ingredient!


We know that it is rare to meet your described ideal candidate just at the right time, so we are not really looking for you to tick all the boxes. However, we’d like you to be able to tick lots of them. In addition, there might be some secret ingredient that you could provide to the team that we have not even listed. If that is the case, you can tick the tick box(es) for a secret ingredient!


What would you be doing with us?

You’d be the main person for breathing our game alive with VFX that will make people drop their jaws open and cry for happiness. 

Be it flames eating enemies alive, glittering surface of the mountain stream or appearance of the summoned ancient spirit of three-headed moose, you’d be the man to take it from the idea to the implementation.


About the team

We are a small team with members working remotely from our home offices (you can read it as “ corner of bedroom” or “basement corridor”). We believe in culture where everyone can voice their opinions and have real impact in steering the game towards perfection. We trust in the combination of freedom and responsibility as an ingredient to finding best performance and happiness for all of our team members. Most of us are already experienced (and old) developers, so we know how important it is to be able to balance things such as work and time with your family.


We are serious about the stuff we make, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Most of all, we want to make really good games that we would enjoy playing ourselves as well.


How to apply:

You can send your application to It’ll be easier to catch you if your subject is something such as “Application: VFX Artist”.


Please include

  • Cover letter (we want to know who you are, to which position you are applying and which boxes you can tick)
  • CV (link to up to date LinkedIn page is also good)
  • Portfolio or showreel (we want to see what you have done so far)
  • Sample project / example. 
    • Preferable Unity project with some example VFX(s) that you’ve made.
  • Contact information
  • Salary request


We will start going through applications as soon as we receive them and fill the position when a suitable candidate is found.